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Bintan land for sale has flexible development parameters


The project has flexible development parameters due to rectangular shape, smooth relief with an elevation between 1.7m to 4.5m, and a direct access to the state asphalt road.

Detailed topographic and geodesic studies have been completed, ensuring the project site is safe and ready for development. This comprehensive understanding of the site's geological and topographical features has been used to develop a robust and sustainable master plan and development concept with the help of international professional consultants in the field of resort, hotel management, and residential real estate - Horwath HTL and C9 Hotelworks. 

Bintan land for sale obtained an environmenal license AMDAL


An environmental license for all types of construction works related to environmental changes (AMDAL) has been obtained. The project allows to be environmentally conscious and protective of the environment and implement sustainable practices in all aspects of the development. The AMDAL is a testament to the project's commitment to environmental stewardship.

Bintan land for sale is held in HGB title


The land title is held in "HGB", the only land title in Indonesia allowing foreigners to own land. The HGB title gives the right to construct and own buildings on the land. It can be transferred and encumbered (banks and financial institutions would accept HGB land for mortgage and securitization purposes). Additionally, the leasehold can be renewed upon expiration. 

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